Maurya Cravings
Client Testimonials
  • " It seem these days you here one nightmare after another with developers and I have had my own, but then I found Maurya Cravings Softwares . He and his company are a breathe fresh air. Mayur saved our project when our previous developer put the whole project in jeopardy with multiple delays and outright lies. I found Mayur's business dealings to be of the highest integrity and the highest development standards. He communicates daily and is always taking initiative to make the product excellent and goes above and beyond to insure the product is delivered with the highest possible standards. I would recommend his service to anyone contemplating a development project and he has my highest confidence and utmost respect. "


    - Christian Anderson
    Umaxoutdoors &


  • "Very good communicator, we enjoyed working with Mayur and will continue to do so. Also , I am a small business start up that needed to get off the ground with an idea for an app that included websites, facebook apps and an android app. When I first approached Mayur I had idea A which he build on a very reasonable budget. Immediately after it was built we realized it was the wrong idea. Mayur was very very easy to work with in retooling our app to something that did work. Now our business is making money and growing, none of which would be possible without Mayur and his team. Thank you from the ROL team! "


    - Brad Hill,
    Review on Location, USA


  • "Working with Mayur and his competent team has been a great overall experience for us. They are very knowledgeable and professional with their dealings and has provided us Mobile Development services that has been very cost effective and efficient for our company. I highly recommend working with them. "


    - Heintz Lacanienta
    Co-founder, TransPacific BPO, LLC.


  • "A very good and skilled company to work with. I highly recommend them. They've been so helpful and cost is also reasonable. ”. "


    -Raman Tritek


  • " Maurya Cravings delivered more than we expected, and the total cost less than budgeted. Maurya Cravings lived up to their reputation for professionalism and ability to deliver. We'll certainly work with them again.. "


    -Jan Thomas Hulla
    CEO Systaro GmbH